When you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, it can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. There is a lot at stake and it is a time of great uncertainty. In order to protect your rights it is of the utmost importance that you seek the advice of an attorney who is experienced and familiar with the criminal justice system. Our attorneys will review your case, analyze the evidence, evaluate your options and advocate for you while your case is being prosecuted. The lawyers at Palmore, Boenig & Associates are ready to fight as hard as you are to protect your rights.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Athens, GA

If you or someone you love is in need of criminal defense, you’re likely scared, confused and frustrated. At Palmore, Boenig and Associates, we’re here to help preserve your rights in the legal process. From answering questions to developing a plan of action, our criminal defense attorneys in Athens, GA have years of experience trying cases in a court of law.

On Your Side: Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

When criminal defense is needed, it’s important to choose experienced attorneys with documented success in criminal trials. Malcolm Palmore, co-founder of the firm, has more than a decade of experience in criminal defense. Co-founder Markus Boenig also has significant trial experience, gained after completing his law degree in Texas. Palmore, Boenig and Associates have provided quality legal representation for individuals charged with the following:

• Illegal possession of alcohol. Individuals under age 21 are not legally allowed to possess alcohol. Though not the most severe charge, underage or minor possession of alcohol can lead to fines or jail time without representation.

• Drug-related crimes. From possession to trafficking, drug convictions can be classified as misdemeanors or felonies. Depending on the severity of the charge and available evidence, the penalties may include more than a decade in prison.

• Felony charges. Violent and non-violent felony charges carry serious consequences. Beyond incarceration, a history of felonies can negatively impact an individual’s ability to work, vote or maintain housing in the community.

• Driving under the influence. Being charged with a DUI has the ability to impact nearly every aspect of life, from work and mobility to finances and your freedom. Contrary to popular belief, a DUI may be issued for both alcohol and non-alcohol intoxication. Receiving legal help immediately is the best way to proceed after a DUI charge.

Trustworthy Lawyers in Athens, GA

At Palmore, Boenig and Associates, we start by meeting with you to discuss your case. After a review of the details, our lawyers discuss all legal options before proceeding with the case. While representing you, we ensure your rights are maintained throughout the trial process. If in need of criminal defense, take the following steps:

• Contact an experienced attorney. After receiving a criminal charge, contact an experienced attorney right away. It’s important to choose a lawyer with a proven record of successfully defending clients.

• Gather the details. Compiling the details of your case is the first step needed before moving forward. To expedite the defense process, try to gather the specifics of your case before meeting with an attorney.

• Speak only with your lawyer. Attempting to explain your situation to anyone but an attorney may result in self-incrimination. Before speaking with others about your case, request the presence of your attorney.

• Keep in touch. Stay in contact with your attorney to review the latest updates about your case.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

While being charged with a crime is initially stressful, postponing legal counsel may result in receipt of the maximum penalty allowed. Don’t let fear and anxiety rob you of your chance for justice. Contact criminal defense attorneys in Athens, GA at Palmore, Boenig and Associates today for a free consultation!

Practice Areas

DUI Defense

The best way to avoid a DUI conviction is to monitor your behavior so are not arrested in the first place. If you are arrested, the best thing you can do is politely decline to answer any questions and request to speak to your attorney at Palmore, Boenig and Associates; attorneys experienced in DUI law.

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Drug Crimes

A single conviction, even for a first-time, misdemeanor offense, can carry serious penalties that can significantly impact your future. The short term effects can result in jail time, probation, court-ordered treatment, community service or all four. The long term effects can negatively affect your life by prison time, loss of employment and loss of driver’s license. It can also affect your ability to obtain a loan, a professional license, financial aid for higher education or a quality job. You may also be shut out from community and government assistance programs.

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Underage Alcohol Possession

While underage drinking is not uncommon it is illegal. It doesn’t matter if your charge is Underage Possession of Alcohol (UPA) or Minor in Possession (MIP), law enforcement and prosecutors aggressively enforce underage alcohol possession laws. Even having only one drink at a party can have serious consequences. Under Georgia law a mere odor of alcohol and proof of someone being under 21 years of age is enough evidence to convict. A conviction can result in severe penalties possibly including jail, substantial fines and loss of driving privileges, not to mention consequences regarding employment, career and other opportunities. If you are in school, you may face additional punishment from that institution.

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