Divorce is an emotional and difficult time for everyone involved. Even if it is uncontested and the parties remain amicable, if there are children involved, they are the ones caught in the middle when a marriage breaks up. Our experienced Family Law and Divorce specialists, such as Thomas Brondos, work hard to craft custody arrangements and visitations schedules which not only are fair and equitable to the parents but most importantly are in the child’s best interest.

Every case is unique. But Thomas knows how to gather information from doctors, teachers, counselors and others in order to help create a parenting plan that focuses on what’s best for the child. Whether you are currently going through a divorce and need to work out the custody issues or if custody has already been decided and you wish to have the court’s order modified, you need an experienced attorney who will competently and aggressively fight for you and your children. Thomas handles cases in courtrooms all over Northeast Georgia and he gets results.

Let the attorneys of Palmore, Boenig and Associates work for you. We are qualified. We are experienced. We listen.