We understand that a divorce may be one of the most difficult and emotional times of your life, particularly when children are involved. You must have a lawyer who will work to protect you (especially in cases of domestic violence), your children and your financial interests. Thomas Brondos, the Family Law and Divorce specialist at Palmore, Boenig and Associates, has the experience, knowledge and compassion to assist you with your legal needs.

Whether you are seeking an uncontested divorce in which both husband and wife agree on all matters or you are facing a very contested divorce involving substantial assets and child custody issues, Thomas provides the necessary appropriate representation. Always conscious of costs and expenses, we prepare and encourage clients to try to resolve differences through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. When children are involved, we attempt to keep the separation as amicable as possible. However, we will always work aggressively on your behalf regarding division of property, alimony or spousal support, asset valuation and child custody/visitation rights.

Divorce or legal separation can be an extremely trying experience. Often one spouse is left in a worsened financial or emotional condition than during the marriage. An efficient, professional attorney who acts quickly, keeps you informed of your rights and obligations, and who advocates assertively for you will help you to make sure your rights and your future are protected.

Let the attorneys of Palmore, Boenig and Associates work for you. We are qualified. We are experienced. We listen.