Zero Tolerance For Discrimination In The Workplace

At Palmore Boenig & Associates, PC, we believe that all employees deserve to be treated fairly and work in an environment free from discrimination. Unfortunately, many workers, at some point in their careers, will experience the pain and frustration of employment discrimination. Workers in the state of Georgia should receive respect and fair treatment from employers. However, some groups are often targets for unfair or discriminatory treatment, including:

  • Minority groups
  • Women (including those in pregnancy)
  • Gay, lesbian or transgender individuals
  • Minority religious groups
  • Elderly workers
  • Injured workers or workers with disabilities

If you have experienced workplace discrimination in any form, please give our law firm a call to protect your rights. We leverage our two decades of combined legal experience to help make our local community a better place to live and work. Georgians facing legal obstacles trust our lawyers to stand by them throughout the entire duration of their case.

Types Of Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination takes a wide variety of forms, but often includes elements related to:

  • Being passed over for promotion consideration based on race, age, sex or disability
  • Experiencing sexual harassment or being asked for a "quid pro quo" transactional sexual arrangement from an employer
  • Enduring the pain of inappropriate jokes, which are racist, lewd or otherwise inappropriate in a workplace setting
  • Having the conditions of your employment radically altered by an employer.
  • Being placed in a probationary status without probable cause
  • Suffering a demotion without cause or based on your race, sexual orientation, gender, religion or age

Trust Our Community-Focused Advocacy To Combat Workplace Discrimination

Our professional Athens attorneys understand the frustration of workers faced with discrimination in the workplace. Before you decide to quit your job, please do yourself a favor and contact our team. We will help you file a formal complaint with your place of employment and help you understand the full spectrum of your rights. Allow our dedicated lawyers to sit down with you to go over every aspect of your case. Call our office today at 706-395-8391 and schedule a free initial consultation. Please also feel free to send us an email.