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Pedestrian deaths up almost 50 percent since 2009

Technological advances have increased the safety of vehicles. Cars can now sense when there is a sudden need to stop on the highway and adapt cruise control speeds to help keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly. With these and other advances we expect the number of deaths related to car accidents to decrease.

Georgia drivers: .08 is not necessarily your magic number

Perhaps you left a college house party, but you only had a few drinks. You feel fine, so you decide to drive yourself home. Unfortunately, your slightly-blurred vision causes you to not notice another driver as you roll through a stop sign, and you crash. In Georgia, residents may be convicted of a DUI even if their blood-alcohol level reads less than .08 percent.

Criminal defense for college students a growing need

The new school year is in full swing across colleges and universities in Georgia. Most students have settled in, overcome their first-day jitters and made some friends. Sometimes, a group of students goes out on the town together, and unfortunately, what begins as a fun night with friends can end with a need for criminal defense for college students

When should children graduate car seats?

For parents, safety is a number one concern — especially while driving. If you’ve got a little one nearing the age of two, you may be wondering whether it’s time to flip your car seat forward and see that smiling face in your rear view mirror.

Are many Georgia nursing homes facing staffing issues?

Many things could potentially put a nursing home resident at a greater risk of experiencing negligent care. One is if the facility he or she is staying at is understaffed. Understaffing could lead to important aspects of resident care being missed or not being given sufficient attention. It also could lead to the staff that are present feeling overworked and stressed, which could make them more prone to mistakes.

Millions Recovered For Georgians

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