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Unfair alcohol laws and criminal defense for college students

The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21, like most other states. Many college students say the law is unfair, because for other adult matters that require great responsibility, like voting, serving in the military, purchasing a gun or working a full time job, a person need only be 18. Many college students admit that they often partake in the responsible consumption of alcohol, despite the law. Unfortunately the law has yet to change, leading to a need for criminal defense for college students who are accused of violating it. 

How much will your DUI cost?

College is supposed to be the time of your life. Your classes are preparing you for a great career, you're making friends and enjoying your time away from home. Whether it's going out dancing on a Friday night, celebrating a Bulldogs victory or hanging out at home with your friends, alcohol may be involved. But if you've been drinking, you might want to consider the potential costs involved with driving.

Vague marijuana laws may increase need for DUI defense

Georgia drivers are likely aware that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to legal trouble. However, the state of Georgia might soon legalize the personal use of marijuana, and marijuana is still considered to be an illegal drug on the federal level. Due to the vague wording of several laws, people who use marijuana may need to present a DUI defense in court. 

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