Why having MedPay benefits victims of auto accidents in Georgia

Most Georgia residents navigate high-traffic roadways during the normal course of their daily lives. Whether they commute to and from work or drive children to school or other activities, most travelers wind up in traffic, sometimes wondering if they will safely reach their destination when other motorists speed past or follow too closely behind. Drivers likely don't spend all their time worried about auto accidents; if they did, they would probably be too scared to drive.

However, taking time to think ahead and plan for what one might do in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs, resulting in injury, can save a lot of time and money down the line. Many motorists do not understand how beneficial it can be to carry MedPay insurance. In fact, some have never even heard of it. MedPay is insurance that covers the medical expenses of an injured accident victim; it is insurance that the victim has, not the driver who was at-fault.

An accident victim can reasonably expect the other driver's insurance company to cover the cost of his or her medical bills. If the recovering victim happens to carry MedPay insurance, he or she can also collect benefits to cover those same medical costs. This means a person with this insurance would receive funds from two sources, his or her insurance, as well as the negligent driver's insurance, that would provide means for paying medical bills.

When auto accidents occur in Georgia, having MedPay insurance often results in surplus funds because recovering victims' medical expenses may be paid by the other driver's insurance, but they themselves will also receive funds to cover expenses from MedPay, resulting in monies left over after medical bills are paid. In some states, MedPay funds must be paid back to the company if the other driver's insurance covers medical costs; however, such is not the case in this state. Anyone with legal questions regarding motor vehicle collisions and MedPay may seek support from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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