New laws to affect DUI defense

Georgia laws have recently changed, a result of a ruling by the state's Supreme Court a few months ago. The changes may affect how a person prepares a DUI defense. Being accused of driving under the influence can be stressful, and many people unsure of their legal rights and/or how to respond to the formal accusations. 

It is important for drivers to know one's rights if they happen to be pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Many drivers may not know that they have the right to refuse to take a Breathalyzer test. The new law, recently signed by Gov. Kemp, states that police officers are no longer allowed to tell a driver that refusing to take such a test can be used as evidence against him or her in court. 

An officer can still require a driver to take a blood or urine test. A Breathalyzer test is a voluntary way for a driver to prove that he or she is not over the legal limit, but a driver is well within his or her rights to decline this test. In the heat of the moment, nerves can get the best of a driver, so it is important to stay calm and remember that an accusation is certainly not evidence of guilt. 

When a Georgia driver needs to present a DUI defense in court, it makes sense to have a professional on the driver's side. An experienced attorney can be a great asset when a court date is approaching. A lawyer can help protect a client's legal rights while focused on presenting an effective defense before the court. 

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