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Back to campus: Criminal defense for college students

All across the Peach State, Georgia college students are making their way back to campus. A new semester is about to begin, and students are gearing up for a new academic year. Sometimes, students get themselves into legal trouble, and it's helpful to know that some attorneys focus on criminal defense for college students

Unfair alcohol laws and criminal defense for college students

The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21, like most other states. Many college students say the law is unfair, because for other adult matters that require great responsibility, like voting, serving in the military, purchasing a gun or working a full time job, a person need only be 18. Many college students admit that they often partake in the responsible consumption of alcohol, despite the law. Unfortunately the law has yet to change, leading to a need for criminal defense for college students who are accused of violating it. 

Criminal defense for college students may help spring breakers

Though it's late autumn in Georgia, some college students may already be planning spring break. One of the highlights of a student's year, college kids often look forward to a few fun days on a warm beach after months of studying and hard work. Unfortunately, students aren't the only ones planning for spring break, and some police departments have already suggested that students who travel to their local beaches may leave with more than a sunburn. They warn that even minor crimes and offenses will be prosecuted, creating a need for attorneys to provide criminal defense for college students. 

Criminal defense for college students a growing need

The new school year is in full swing across colleges and universities in Georgia. Most students have settled in, overcome their first-day jitters and made some friends. Sometimes, a group of students goes out on the town together, and unfortunately, what begins as a fun night with friends can end with a need for criminal defense for college students

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